IT Solutions for Healthcare Providers

Health Care IT

Medical Technology Solutions and Support Specifically Designed for Health Care Providers

Medical information technologies can be described as technologies that allow the secure exchange of medical and patient information between health care providers, patients, insurers and administrative entities.

Hospital IT

Bercell Integrated Technologies Ltd. provides health care solutions, knowledge and support for hospital information technologies, hospital workflows and business knowledge. Because of our experience and acquired knowledge Bercell Integrated Technologies Ltd. is able to support many applications specific to the hospital and health care environment, through implementation, training and user support. We understand how to build and maintain cost effective IT infrastructures, at fixed and known costs. Our IT budgets are not overrun, and our customers do not experience deficits because of IT overhead.

Family Health Teams and Practices

Bercell Integrated Technologies Ltd. is able to support a majority of EMR applications available for your health team and practice. Because of our involvement and knowledge in the hospital environment, we are able to support the integration of the data available in the EMR systems with the hospital and laboratory databases.

Other Health Care Organizations

Bercell Integrated Technologies Ltd. understands and supports organizations that are in the health care environment and participate at a certain level in the health care provision. Rehabilitation centers, treatment centers, counseling centers and care centers are some of the organizations that we understand how to support and help integrate into the total health care system. We understand the revenue stream of these organizations and therefore align the IT infrastructure requirements with the funding requirements and availability.

Our most important value in the health care environment is that we consider you and your patients first.

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